Free Boiler Grants: all you need to know

Do you want to know what government boiler grants 2020 are? Are you considering going through the process and getting a new energy efficient boiler? It is a fact that the government has this scheme for the general public. According to governments ECO initiative in 2020, those homeowners who meet specific criteria may replace their old boiler free of any charges or with heavily subsidized rates. If you qualify, you may get a free boiler from a local approved company and complete the installation of our new boiler. In this article, I shall provide you with information about government free boiler scheme so that you may understand the basics of this scheme for UK residents.

What are Free Boiler Grants?

Yes, you may get a wholly free and subsidized replacement boiler under the terms of this plan. Under the ECO plan, this government-sponsored scheme aims at helping the low-income community to get access to home efficiency improvement. It reduces the costs of heating their home and also reduction of carbon emission is the ultimate mission. If you meet specific criteria and you have an oiler which is at least five years old, you may apply for free boiler grants. The process is simple and easy-going. Moreover, there are a lot of free boiler grant assistance services that may make our process even more comfortable.

These boiler grants are free and non-repayable. It means you do not need to pay back the costs in installment any time in future. There is no complication with terms and conditions. If you are eligible for a free boiler, you get a new boiler installed along with heating control system if there is a need. But how much funds may I get? It depends on the efficiency of your home. If you are entitled to the grant, there may be an energy assessment by the professionals, and it is also free of any costs. In some cases, there is a requirement for small contributing. The days this scheme is only for gas boilers.

New updates ECO grants 2020

Under the terms of eco3 rules, the landlords and private tenants are not eligible for the grant.