58. Location Location star says local councils adding ‘needless’ delays to property buying

Location, Location, Location star and Property expert Phil Spencer has denounced some councils for their infringement of land search delay targets and for the great differences in costs that face homebuyers. The property guru criticized the unjustifiable minefield” that face homeowners in a couple of areas as studies revealed that 20% of councils are violating homebuyer’s rights in completing property searches by breaching search targets nationally. Property searches, which is a very easy task that only covers aspects of environmental checks and planning.

It takes at least 10 days for it to be completed. It only takes minutes to finish the task, but a council employee is required to search database so it causes huge delays. Studies and research made by the property expert site Move iQ which is co-founded by the star Phil Spencer exposed council’s delays and expensiveness. Move iQ researchers revealed that the search is on more than 326 local authorities, the council of the district of Stratford comes last at the best councils. It has the worst delay of 95 days to do a standard search.

While across England, the typical council property finder services complete the search in just three days. the research exposed a huge disparity up to 658% in the fees that local authorities charge. (78%) which is 4 out of 5 of the council authorities charge at least £100 for a basic land search. The other 20 % of local councils charge at least £150.

There are cheaper councils like Wakefield which is The cheapest and charges only £44. Not only is it the cheapest but also only takes one day to finish, whereas councils like Fulham and Hammersmith charges £333.50 which already absurd, and makes homebuyers wait for at least 20 days. one of the expensive councils is Brent. It comes second in the most expensive. It cost £320 and takes up to 10 days to do the search. London councils are all infamous for bad quality and all have more expensive fees charges for property searches than the rest of the world.

The government pledged earlier this year to overcome the length of the delays of the task and the Minister Heather Wheeler MP of Housing and Homelessness, even, wrote to every local council’s authorities to warn them about the target time. But with this new study, the government has vowed to open an investigation in this whole area with a vision to take serve action’ against council’s authorities taking more than the 10-day target. Phil Spencer, the reality TV star and property expert and the Move iQ’s co-founder who made the research, said: “Unacceptable that homebuyers pay expensive prices and wait up to 95 days for a routine process’.